Portable Bat Signal

Photo: Eli Åhman Owetz

If you know anything about this lantern write her a comment.


Elaine Bradley said...

Seriously though, it looks in mint or lovingly reconditioned condition or is a replica. In the 60's in Ireland when the 'men' were digging holes in the road, or digging up pavements to fix sewers or telephone wires these lanterns were what were left hanging on the framework around the area as OHS warnings to the public that danger lurked in that vicinity. I love them.

Elaine Bradley said...

Oh dear my first attempt has disappeared....
I want that. If I spotted that in a shop I'd be sorely tempted to get one. It looks in too good nick to be the real deal and I suspect it was never used or is a replica. In 60s Ireland these lanterns were hung on frameworks or gantries or scaffolding around work areas such as holes in the road, sewer access left open while men were working on them, or fixing telephone wires etc. They were probably used same way in UK.