10th Anniversary Coming Up

Tomorrow, short of one month, it will be ten years since this blog started. I figure, what date would be better suited to end this blog than on its tenth anniversary. I'm not bitter but not that many will care anyway. Let's face it. It's not like the blog is read by 2-3.000 a day like six years ago. And it's not like I post everyday like I used to. However, if you read this I guess you care to some extent and I thank you for that. Thanks to everyone who visited.

You are now forewarned.

This was the original header by the way.

EDIT: PS. The post was written on April the first. However it didn't gain much attention which speaks something of ...something. Thanks to the two kind souls who expressed their regret that the blog was shutting down.    


Nate said...

You'll be missed by me at least!

Martin Klasch said...

Thanks, Nate!
But... "The report of my death (upcoming) was an exaggeration".

Unknown said...

make that three and fie to all the silent observers who would just let it die unheralded
nice work, sir

Steeve L. said...

I read this just today (april 5th), but I'm glad you're not shutting down! :)

Martin Klasch said...

Thank you Unknown herald and Steeve L!
I guess it all sounds a bit like I was fishing for compliments etc, and I guess I kind of was. But most of all it was an experiment of sorts.
I'll keep at it for a while still. I don't put that much work into it these days anyway so there's no need to shut it down completley.
Again, thanks for the support.

Brad Teare said...

I loved looking at your posts. I do know the feeling though. Tough times for bloggers.

Martin Klasch said...

Brad! Thanks a lot! Well, sure there was some truth to the post but most importantly: the post was written on April the first. So let's smile an keep going.