War Of The Worlds

Monster Brains: Henrique Alvim Correa - War Of The Worlds Illustrations, 1906 


Christopher Beaver said...

Hey, Captain

Are you continuing . . . or continuing only until the actual day of the tenth anniversary? I realize how much work you've put into the blog, eloquent in its minimalism and very selected, curated images. I myself am a documentary filmmaker and have been for many years, so I know how much appreciated one can be and at the same time how little valued in terms of response and finances. However, I'm still here. Still appreciating your work. Are we in the last month?

Christopher Beaver

Martin Klasch said...

Hello Christopher

Thanks a lot for the insightful and encouraging words and for being a faithful follower of the blog! I hope you will be glad to hear that the post in question was written on the 1st of April.

Eventhough it would be a suitable date for terminating the blog I really can't find any reason for doing it. To be honest I don't put much work into the blog nowadays and I don't feel stressed by it.

Once upon a time I tried to have at least one new post every day, but today I can let it go for weeks.

So, Christopher, we are not in the last month, so please keep coming back, will you.

Good luck with the docs and take care

Martin Klasch