Old Stockholm Pharmacies

These beautiful sculptural signs says that here lies or used to lie an old Stockholm pharmacy. The Moose, The Raven, The Angel, The Elephant, The Phoenix, The Crown, Saint Erik, The Dragon, The Owl, The Stork, The Leopard, The Marten.

For the Swedish reader: Historiska apotek i Stockholm


modmom said...

hej there :)

do they each have a symbolic meaning for the pharmacy + why a saint?

Martin Klasch said...

I'm sorry but your comment was stuck for moderation, and I haven't paid attention. Here's my very late answer, if you ever read it:

As a rule, the name of the pharmacy was given by the Medicines Agency. One could choose animal names like lion, swan, deer and eagle, which were associated with religious, Christian symbolism. Another background for the animal name was the use of a large number of animal products in the pharmacy's products, for example ivory, egg shells from ostriches, peacock feathers, unicorn horns (in fact, the spiral-twisted tooth of the narwhal) or fat and heart from monkeys.
St Eric is the patron saint of Stockholm.