Mort Drucker

Mort Drucker 1929 - 2020


The In Crowd said...

Hmm, I'm experiencing 'broken images' in this post and the previous 2020 post, 'Toto'. I don't know if anyone else is having the same trouble. The images on all the previous posts seem to be displaying with no problem.
Are you seeing this? Or is there something that needs updating on my end perhaps?
I loved Mort Drucker's artwork, and the Denslow 'Oz' illustrations are wonderful! Thanks, I'm happy to find your blog again :)

James Williams said...

Thank u for sharing

Martin Klasch said...

The In Crowd: So I answer like five months later... Sorry! Until very lately I haven't been very active for a while, and that goes for reading comments too, I'm afraid. Nice to hear from you though. I don't know what happened with the images. I guess you can see them now? Me transferring from using Flickr as my image source to using Google Photos was, I think further back. Please tell me if it is still a problem. Hope you are well. Take care!