Illustration: Mary Blair pt. 2

Cartoon Modern have just had a "Mary Blair week". Check it out.
And if you like click link to Illustration: Mary Blair pt. 1 and find more by Mary Blair from there.

Via Cartoon Brew



RYP said...

hi martin aka pe fronning,
there's a new blog on the block! TWIGHLIGHTZONE!
THE HORIZON EXTENDING AND MIND EXPANDING BLOG , http://rideyourpony-twighlightzone.blogspot.com/- and it's my own. i started on saturday moved by the great hanszun. so i hadn't time looking on yours. but now time is floating in normal way I think. thank you for the "extending" idea i've stolen!!!
see you!

P-E Fronning said...

Christoph! I'm way ahead of you. I've already added a link in my sidebar and downloaded "Beachparty". I will not sue you for using "THE HORIZON EXTENDING AND MIND EXPANDING BLOG", I will merely require a monthly fee :-) Good luck with your blog and ride your pony!

RYP said...

nice! thank you for wishes!
my fee to you is the great Beachparty and all you like from the TWIGHLIGHTZONE! thanx for the link! I'll add yours in mine.
see you!

RYP said...

good evening Martin,
there is something for you on my blog! hope you're interested.