Music: Birgit Lystager

This is a must! And it will only be available for download for a couple of days more - so hurry over to the fantastic blog Quite Quite Fantastic!

QQF mostly offers superfantastic mixes, which I highly recommend, but right now they offer some terrific out-of-print album rips like this one.

"Birgit Lystager is incredible, a Danish cross between Astrud Gilberto and Karen Carpenter with really artily written and composed pop songs..." (quote from Musictaste.com)

Click here for the Birgit Lystager post.

UPDATE: QQF is no longer active. Click here for a newer post about Birgit Lystager!



QQF resident said...

Takk så mye for den generøse omtalen. Hadde en baktanke med Lystager, kanskje noen andre har en Lystager-skive de vil dele. Det der mitt håp :)

P-E Fronning said...

:) Jag kan som du förstår inte hjälpa dig men vill gärna lyssna på mer Lystager om din plan lyckas! :)

Lucie said...

I've posted an overview of Birgit's entire career over at my website... enjoy!

Your blog is spectacular, by the way.

Anonymous said...

could you please post rapidshare links?
i would love to hear more