Exhibition: Stig Lindberg

"Stig Lindberg's (1916-1982) designs for household items – notably ceramics – are familiar to almost all Swedes, as are his illustrations to popular children’s books. The exhibition gives a picture of Stig Lindberg's work as an industrial designer during the latter half of the 20th century."

Stig Lindberg Exhibition at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

A nice photo display of some of his works.


modmom said...

that blue fireplace reminds me when i went to sweden in 1987 + 1990 i brought home a white souvenr ceramic chimney or fireplace.
that was supposed to be "typic svensk" + some crystal etched animals.
i loved sweden!
i saw iggy pop at skansen.
did i already tell you that?
do you have any good skansen links or pictures from the sixties?
i rememeber the city hall in lidingo had a really groovy room with mod furniture + textiles.

P-E Fronning said...

The fireplace was actually described as a grill at the exhibition. I wouldn't mind that one in my backyard (if I had one). A souvenir chimney?! No, I didn't even know you had been here. Iggy - how Swedish! ;-) Skansen in the 60s, well, no, but I'll keep an eye out! Skansen isn't very mod though ;-D but maybe in the 60s one might see a few Mods there amongst the elks, wolves and old wooden houses. I've been to Lidingö City Hall but only in the entrance hall. Maybe you were in a congression room or something.