Music: Devo

Devos first concert: 1973, Kent State University (YouTube)
Mongoloid - live from 1978 (YouTube)
Devo ad for Honda Scooters (mov, 2,9 MB)
Devo's website
Devo in Wikipedia

Via smidigt.se
Thanks Robert!


Anonymous said...

73:an är ju som en gran, en Wunderbaum!

Robert said...

Happy to see you enjoyed the clips. :)

Thanks for the link to smidigt.se!

P-E Fronning said...


modmom said...

i saw them perform in san francisco when i was a kid. we called them "new wave" like the cars

P-E Fronning said...

Were they any good?

modmom said...

hard to remember, but i the flower pot hats + dancing was great. we sat in a theatre to watch them rather than a standing crowd, + i was up above the stage so it like seeing a musical
have you seen these posters ::

P-E Fronning said...

Up on stage with Devo. Not bad!

I hadn't seen the posters. A great graphic artist. I have no idea what this "Svenska" is supposed to be. Do you? Maybe it's just a name to fiddle around with when coming up with new designs... I don't know. Thanks :-)