Music: Sivuca - Guitar & Accordion

I've recieved several requests for re-posting the record "Guitar & Accordion" by the famous Brazilian accordion player and guitarist Sivuca. It was recorded 1969 at Europa Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. The flutes and strings were arranged by Merit Hemmingson*.

This record has probably never been reprinted, at least I can't find it anywhere. It isn't even on the list of his records on his own website. Let me know if you find it!


Hurry up!!! It'll only be there a couple of days!

UPDATE: You are too late! Links are dead...

Sivuca's website.
Buy other Sivuca records that are available!

* Keep an eye out for more audio re-posts on Martin Klasch


volnei said...

sivuca dies today.

P-E Fronning said...

volnei: Really? Sad. He will be playing somewhere else then.