Music: More Sivuca!

By now you probably know we are fans of the recently deceased musician Sivuca here at Martin Klasch. Reader Ron kindly pointed out the excellent Brazil music blog Loronix to us. They have among other nice things shared lots of Sivuca albums. I have noted the date for their posts thinking it might be smart to begin at the earliest - who knows they might go obsolete!

There might be more that I didn't find...


zecalouro said...

Hello p-e-fronning,

Hi, amazing place here.

You are pretty right, this is what is available so far. I'm thinking about releasing something else from the great Sivuca.

There is a concert he made with Hermeto Pascoal in Brasilia (2001) that is said to be wonderful.

Thanks for linking. I'm linking you back there.

Cheers, zeca

P-E Fronning said...

Hi zeca!

Do you have or did you get this one: Music: Sivuca - Guitar & Accordion

If not tell me and I'll send it to you!

Keep up the good work!

P-E Fronning

zecalouro said...

Hello P-E,

Yes, I have this one. It is a great one.

Sivuca also had wonderful participations as a side-man. There is one that you should not miss, released a couple of minutes ago at Loronix, it is there.

Turma da Gafieira, a 10-inch from 1967.

Cheers, zecap