Videos: Pippi Långstrump

The original Swedish Pippi Longstocking theme song on YouTube and here is one in English if that's your cup of tea. And in French(!) with charming illustrations! Three more original Pippi songs. Pippi, Tommy, Annika and Astrid Lindgren on Hylands Hörna in 1970. Pippi in a sword fight with Lennart Hyland (He was Sweden's Johnny Carson - kind of.) A longer clip from an episode where Pippi's father - Beppe Wolgers - appears (in Swedish of course).

Found through Stationsvakt (image)

Beppes Godnattstund (YouTube) - an other Swedish children's TV show very well-known to my generation, featuring Beppe Wolgers.



josephzohn said...

Woah The Beppes Godnattsstund rules!!
Fan att jag inte såg den redan igår då hade jag sluppit alla nattens mardrömmar :-)

Johnny said...

Jag kanske borde byta namn till Banarne?

Anonymous said...

MrJ: Aj då. Men nu slipper du marorna framgent iaf!

Johnny Weissmuller: Varför inte herr Nilsson?? Eller Cheetha? Nicke Nyfiken? Apan Ola? Monkeyboy?

P-E Fronning