Poster Art: Monster Movie Posters

Monster Movie Posters
Via El Burlador

"By the way. We'll be switching over to "new Blogger". Why? I don't know. Forces I can't control are compelling me. The power of Blogger compels me! The power of Blogger compels me! Anyway, the blog is going to look awful for some time and it will never look the same again. Wish me luck as I know nothing about coding and things like that!" /P-E Fronning



Federico Díaz Mastellone said...

Hi colleagues !!!

Thank you for the mention :)

P-E Fronning said...

Hi Fede!

Help me!!! I already change my mind about going over to new Blogger! Why! Why in all god's names did I do it! It's worse than I thought. But I guess I was tired of the old one and needed a challenge. Hahaha!

Johnny said...

That hell-monster looked like hell. :-)

Federico Díaz Mastellone said...

I´m sorry to hear that... ;)

It´s a "flytrap", P-E Fronning... mmmmm

I´m "breaking the law" with El Burlador, you have to edit the template... quite a lot of changes :(

Courage, GO ON... Martin Klasch !!!

mrdantefontana said...

Brother! I feel your pain. Hold out!
The future belongs to Martin Klasch.

P-E Fronning said...

Johnny-boy: It looks like I feel!
Fede Hombre: Thanks for the encouragement! I had some practical and spiritual help from Bibi to get me over the worst part. Which was to a large degree taking the bull by the horns (do you have that saying?! Do you have any bull fights?)
Mr Dante pågen: Not toooo bad really when I understood some basic things about this new element build. After that the worst thing is of course the hell of deciding how you want it to look and finding the right numbers to change ;( But it's shaping up!

*BeckerCinema* said...

Great Blog I like it very much. Thanks :)

P-E Fronning said...

BeckerCinema: Thank YOU!