Paper dolls

The Lill Lindfors paper doll
From Året Runt 22, 1970

Other dolls: Brigitte Bardot (1965), Harry Belafonte (1966), Donovan (1966), Ingemar Stenmark (Swedish alpine star, 1975), David Bowie (1976), Ulf Lundell (Swedish author and musician, 1977), The Swedish king, Carl Gustaf and the Swedish queen Silvia (both in 1978) and a "Negermusikant" (!) (Negroe musician) back in 1961.

Kattis Klippdockor (Click the masthead thumbs for galleries.), a Swedish page for paper dolls published in weekly Swedish magazines.


P-E Fronning said...

MrDante: Thanks for helping a tired ol' fart out! Hopefully I'll get my will to blog back. Den som lever får se ;) Fina dockor!

modmom said...

oooooh, i love paper dolls + fashions of the 60's + 70's!

take a break p-e + refresh yourself.
just not as long as will kane i hope.

modmom said...

that's a fabulous paperdoll link!
i'm posting it too!

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Rabbi von Sydow said...

Hehe, nice klippdockor!

P-E Fronning said...

Yes, the klippdockorna are totally kosher. ;)