Arboriculture: About a tree

Immanuel Kant - the famous philosopher - was born in the East Prussian capital Königsberg (Koenigsberg). He allegedly never traveled more than a 100 miles from his hometown and died there in 1804. Around that time a tree was born in Königsberg. It is still standing - in Kaliningrad - the administrative center of the Russian exclave Kaliningrad. However, you might say it uses some help standing up...(more)

(You might say this post didn't have much to to with arboriculture. You'd be right of course. The drawing was found here.)


About "Kant" check this old post out!



peteski said...

In Berlin (for five years) always got a kick out of saying "Kant". Its the hard "A".

P-E Fronning said...

About "Kant" check this old post out!

Have you ever watched a Swedish movie? A Bergman maybe? "The End" is "Slut".

P-E Fronning said...

By the way, Peteski, thanks for dropping by and reminding me of your excellent blog!!!!