Fact: I hate memes

I recieved a mail from Lex10 - the GlyphJockey. It read:

1. only eat GOAT cheese.
2. Pictures? I actaully hate pictures.
3. Klasch is really spelled Clash

etc etc.

wanna do the 8 random facts?
I hate the concept too, but you, I trust"

Well, well, dear Lex10, you think you can trust me do you? This is my answer:

"I hate the concept too..." will be the only fact coming out of me I'm afraid. * (1.) If I started the blog today I would possibly call it "I hate memes". (2) 'Cause I do. I'm honored (3) (though I'm not sure why) that you tagged me but I hate you - mildly ;) - for it. You are not totally misinformed about the goat cheese - I do love cheese. (4) My favorites are Italian and Spanish ones like Parmesan, Pecorino Romano and Manchego. No. I don't hate pictures (5). Not the painted ones, not the moving ones, not the drawn ones, not the photoed ones. Many of them are dear friends of mine. Some of them can be found on Musselsoppans Vänner. Martin Klasch is spelled Martin Klasch (6). I'm not Martin Klasch. Who is Martin Klasch? Who is P-E Fronning? He is me (7). Or is he? If he is, who is he? * I am a contradiction (8).

This is was not the first meme "questionnaire" I've gotten. I have not answered any yet. I have not forwarded any yet. I'm not about to start now. I can not deny that I feel honored getting them but, for me, they usually take to much time and effort to answer. And the forwarding part- chain letter style - I especially don't like. So, know this: P-E Fronning of Martin Klasch is a boring bastard who hates memes but loves the people who sends them.



Lex10 said...

But now Bill Gates will give computers to crippled children and Amoco will be shut down! Well done!

sakthi said...

But I hate questionnaires and even the people who send them,It is time killing factor and testing my patience often..And Lex Don't worry Bill won't do that...
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P-E Fronning said...

Sakthi: I'm not too found of these type of links in comments either, to be honest. At least it wasn't porn.