Russian animation: Cheburashka

This is not the first time we mention Cheburashka* and his friend Gena the crocodile or Russian animation for that matter. You can read "all" about the little critter, including what he is or was in my home country Sweden, in Wikipedias article - the important thing right now is that Bibi posted some Cheburashka films on Videos with Bibi. Yes, I know, they are neither subtitled nor dubbed, but they are beautifully animated. So I suggest you at least have a look to see what Cheburashka is all about.

* "Cheburashka.../... is a character of children's literature from a story by the Russian writer Eduard Uspensky. He is also the hero .../... of the animated film series by Soyuzmultfilm studio." ... "Cheburashka is a funny little animal, unknown to science, who lived in the tropical forest. He accidentally got into a crate of oranges, ate his fill and fell asleep. Cheburashka is not a personal name; it is a species name invented by the puzzled director of the shop, where he was found."
According to Wikipedia only four Cheburashka films were made (1969, 1971, 1974, 1983).
In my home country - Sweden - we never got to see the films, we only had a Cheburashka puppet show as the children's segment of the TV-show "Sveriges Magasin". Here they were called "Drutten och Krokodilen (Jena)" and lived in a bookshelf; they were immensely popular.

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David said...

For the swedish readers, check out the parodies made by Sveriges Radio, Channel 3's show Röster i Radio from the 1990's: Röster i Radio: Drutten & Gena

P-E Fronning said...

David: Tack för tippset! Jag får det tyvärr icke att fungera men någon annan får det säkert! :D