Blogger: Hey! I've got a cloud!

Do you also think that the list of labels that Blogger offers is boring? And have you also jealously been admiring some of those neat tag clouds out there? Do you also consider yourself as, more or less, ignorant when it comes to changing codes to make your blog look nice? Don't worry. I managed to create a tag cloud and so can you. Just take some time (maybe an hour or so), copy your blog code for backup and follow the instructions carefully.

Oh and yes, I will place the cloud at the bottom of the blog as soon as I have shown it off a bit (it's there now) ;)

Thanks to Bibi for boosting my confidence!



Bibi said...

Lovely! I liked it. Great work PE.

PS.: I told you you could do it ;)

P-E Fronning said...

Actually today there's not a cloud in the sky and I do believe the summer you sent has arrived! Thanks! :D

modmom said...

you always have the coolest stuff on martin klasch!

P-E Fronning said...

modmom: Well...OK! If you say so. You are always right, so it must be... Thanks!