Blog: Martin Klasch is no longer unheard of

The observant reader may have noticed that I have added a little button () in the sidebar. You will find it just below the equally new headline "ReadSpeaker AudioFeed". Yes it's true - from this moment on you can listen to and even download as mp3 files, your favorite blog - Martin Klasch!

Why, oh why, you may ask, and rightfully so. We are not really the text based blog that might benefit from having such a service. We have posts that consists of only an image or an embedded video and hardly any text. Well, the simple answer is that we simply had to test it as soon as we heard about it at Stationsvakt, just for the fun of it. Podcasting may be unnecessary for this blog but I must say that I'm impressed with how the automated voice sounds. I believe they have voices in English, Swedish and French. Maybe you want to test it for your own blog?



peteski said...

there's a giant potato up there too.

P-E Fronning said...

Bligh me!!!