Vintage fashion: Black only

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josephzohn said...

Musselsoppans vänner - Nu med Bill the Hatter :-)
Denna är underbar, men vad tycker dom vid vid det däringa Tranebergplanet??

P-E Fronning said...

Om de var snea efter dina tilltag - att hänga ut mig, så... kan jag bara säga att jag såg några PK-typer stå och vässa knivar när jag nyssens hastigt kilade igenom Alvik. Bortom Stora Mössan började dock pulsen slå normalt.

josephzohn said...

Pyttan också, det var inte meningen!!

modmom said...

superfly! i want to see the hats that go with those outfits.

how did you get a big long picture like that to look so good on blogger?

P-E Fronning said...

Superfly indeed! I think we both know what the hats will look like ;)

The trick is to host the picture at ImageShack or something like that! Try it!

The In Crowd said...

FYI: This ad and several other examples of bold '70's fashion statements can also be found at - -

I'm Learning to Share!: Fashion ads from Ebony Magazine, 1970 - '76

(Thanks for indulging a shameless plug!)

P-E Fronning said...

Nothin' shamless about it. The fashion may have been though. Thanks, In crowd! This makes an easy new post!