Christmas music: Reposting Santalicious from '05

A year passes so quickly. Have you noticed? Well, in 2005, as soon as I was able to pick up the first sounds of jingling bells, I knew I had to get started with the Christmas mix if there were to be any. Another thing was clear to me - I wanted that year's mix to be more personal than the year before. So I dove (dived) deeper into the sea which they call Christmas music. The result I came up with was simply Santalicious (72,8 MB).

Sorry. No longer available.

In its review A Christmas Yule Blog calls it "an awsome Christmas CD". Hm, maybe it is. I hope you will enjoy it.

Password: martinklasch



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the repost. However, I'm having problems downloading beyond the first couple songs. The entire file doesn't seem to be working. Would you please check this one? Thanks.

jcroach said...

Ditto. I'd love to hear your mix.

P-E Fronning said...

Oh! Thanks for letting me know! I'll have a look at this as soon as possible. Thanks again!

P-E Fronning said...

I don't know if this was your trouble but it seems files-upload.com were upgrading (and still are, right now). I've added another upload link. Downloading worked fine with this one. Give it another try.