Blogger: What a scare!

Phew! I have cause for a huge sigh of relief. For a few of days it has been impossible to read this blog - at least for some. (I'd like to know if you managed it anyway!) When I tried accessing the blog in FireFox a window appeared saying the URL wasn't valid and that viewing the page was impossible. However, when I clicked OK the page was shown anyway (?!). IE couldn't find it at all.

"I'll be doggone", I thought, "if I've gone and sabotaged my own blog!" Had I changed the code recently? No, I couldn't think of any changes. To understand the extent of my concern you have to know that I don't know how to write code. It is true that I have made several changes to the template over the years but they are all small steps one at a time done by trial and error, copying code from other sites etc.

Now, even though I was pretty concerned by this newly arisen predicament I didn't panic. I didn't go berserk deleting, changing code randomly. But I did finally - after scanning the code without finding any loose ends - delete a couple of page elements which were totally meaningless anyway and voilá! We are back!

Beware of the evil Wikipedia search widget!

Thanks to MrJ for the image!


josephzohn said...

Jag glömde att skicka dig denna ...

P-E Fronning said...

Perfekt! Jag saknade illustration till inlägget. Tackar så mycket.

manuel said...

For god sake you're back!


P-E Fronning said...

Manuel: :D
Nice link! Thanks!