Book Covers: Svarta Serien and Per Åhlin

These are paperback covers belonging to a Swedish publication series of crime books from the 60s called "Svarta serien" - "The Black Series". What they also have in common is that they are all illustrated by one of my absolute favorites - Per Åhlin. I and his other fans are lucky because in the 60s he was very active as a book cover illustrator. Thus it is not hard to come by his works in antiquarian bookshops or thrift stores. My collection is not very large but I'll sure keep expanding it.

eSnips: Illustration: Per Åhlin: Svarta Serien
eSnips: Illustration: Per Åhlin

I'm kind of boycotting PhotoBucket right now and trying eSnips instead but they are there too.

My "Svarta serien"-books in my PhotoBucket.
...and on my Flickr (only the fronts)
My "Per Åhlin"-books in my PhotoBucket.
...and on my Flickr.


Miz said...

Wow, these are so beautiful. Thanks for the post. Never heard of Per Åhlin before, really like his work. Excellent blog by the way, i wonder why there are no more comments.

P-E Fronning said...

Miz: I'm so glad you enjoyed them too.
I have many silent and lazy readers ;) Aber jetzt habe ich auch eine aktive und schreibende Leser.