GIF Animations: Drinking with Max

GIF animation made by myself.

"How to skoal with style. Swedish film star Max von Sydow engages his drinking partner's gaze. Tipping his glass backward, von Sydow drains the chilled aquavit in one deceptively cool gulp. Lowering the glass to the level from which he raised it, von Sydow again meets his companion's eyes."

Cooking Issues:
"The photos appeared in “The Cooking of Scandinavia” one of the books in the amazing Time Life series Foods of the World. The shooter was none other than Richard A. Meek, one of the original roster of Sports Illustrated photographers."
The photo I used was found at Pin Pals.
By the way: "slut" ="the end".
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josephzohn said...

Jag får absinthekänslor när jag ser den :)

Flores Hayes said...
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P-E Fronning said...

Ja, det är en nära-döden-upplevelse.

josephzohn said...

Vafalls tog du bort pandangoväskan??
En pandango till bandybäggen :)))

P-E Fronning said...

Den vore nåt för dig ja, bäggläjdy.

josephzohn said...

Jag kollade inte så noga.
Fanns det någon cykelväskevariant :)?