Photo: Face of Britain

"This is one of my favourite portraits. It is also my one claim to fame. I sold it back in 1979 to the V&A Museum..."

George Plemper: "In my early days I was employed, at my second school, as a science teacher at Riverside School, Thamesmead. Situtated on the Bexley/London border, it was a relatively new school in a "London" housing estate. " (continue)

Flickr: Face of Britain: Thamesmead, Riverside School, 76-78

via This Isn't Happiness

Article in the Guardian: Back in the picture



Peteski said...

Went through all of those pics, and narrowed it down to two. The one I chose and this one. Pretty xlent on your part.

P-E Fronning said...

We're good, Pete!