Illustration: Staffan Wirén

The "Gris"...

...and the "Björn".

Front and back.

"Ingen rädder för ABC inte heller för 1-2-3" ("No one is afraid of the ABC, nore of the 1-2-3") is my best thrift store find of this summer. It's a tiny children's book from Sparbanken ("The Savings Bank") and as the title suggests it's an ABC book with some math teaching kids the benefits of putting money in the bank. The wonderful ABC animal illustrations by Staffan Wirén are glued in and I wonder if they came with the book or if you got them one by one at the bank. It doesn't say what year this was printed. It's probably from the 50s. Here's an excellent opportunity to learn about the Swedish letters Å, Ä, Ö.

I wish I could tell you something about Staffan Wirén except that he was/is (?) a very good Swedish illustrator. I know that he has illustrated a number of books but it is hard to find examples of it on the Internet. However there is "Vårt svenska samhälle" ("Our Swedish Society") uploaded by David at The Klockarp Institute and there is the cover of "Kondition och hälsa" ("Fitness and Health").

The "Ren"...

...and the "Älg".



Matt Hunter Ross said...

excellent! thanks for sharing this - hadn't heard of this artist!

P-E Fronning said...

Glad you liked it, Matt!!