Question: Free Photo Sharing Sites

I like Flickr and Picasa Web Albums but I've just about reached my free upload limit. I'm a cheap guy who doesn't like to unnecessarily pay for things and I'd rather not get stuck with a service which will be hard to give up. So now I'm thinking I'd better come up with a really good option. There are a number of services out there, I know. I have an ImageShack and a PhotoBucket account, and they are OK but I don't like the navigation and they have a busy appearance and they are perhaps a bit slow.

I need the site to be:

- totally free (at least up to 1 GB)
- clean and easy on the eye
- logic in its navigation
- rather fast than slow

Do you have a favorite to recommend?
First suggestion is in from josephzohn: eSnips
(and I actually already have an account there! I forgot about it.)
Update on this: I've tried it but it doesn't seem to allow linking. I'm sure it's very good in other ways like sharing with other eSnippers.
Carl suggests KoffeePhoto.
Matt Hunter Ross
says "get more than one account" at Flickr or Picasa.
Anonymous says www.zooomr.com


josephzohn said...


P-E Fronning said...

MrJ: Thanks! A good suggestion and the fact that I already got an account doesn't make it any less good. ;) I don't think I realized or I had forgotten it came with 5 GB. Should be hard to beat.

Carl said...

I may suggest KoffeePhoto.

P-E Fronning said...

Carl: Thanks for your suggestion! Will check it out. :)

Matt Hunter Ross said...

another easier way to upgrade your acct (with services like Picasa) - sign up with a different email address... multiple times. then set your mail from those accts to auto cc everything to your main address. voila.

P-E Fronning said...

Matt: This is a good idea too. I've though about getting more accounts but I also thought it might get a bit messy. However, maybe it's not more messy than getting a new service altogether. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


P-E Fronning said...

Anonymous: Thanks! It's probably very good. It's a shame that it's so hard finding info on the site. Info like how much space you got etc. I had the same problem with KoffeePhoto.

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