Christmas Music: Klasch Records 2005-2008

Klasch Records sadly informs us that they will not release a new Christmas record this year. There just wasn't enough time and energy. (Edit: Sant-O-Nine!) However they send our readers their best wishes for the Holidays and kindly lets us repost Santaism (2008), Santaphonic (2007), Santology (2006), Santalicious (2005).

Click the individual images to get to the music and to unpack you type the name of this blog (without space).

Get it while you can and happy listening!

Update: Christmas is over for this year!


Philippe said...

Thanks you so much Martin. And what a great coincidence : I'm just preparing to go out and get my Christmas tree. Perfect timing.

Enjoy your Holidays.


P-E Fronning said...

You are very welcome, Philippe. Enjoy your tree, holidays and music.

Farbror Sid said...

Fina samlingar P-E.
God Jul på sig!

josephzohn said...

God detsamma av allt!!!