Blogger: Where do all the images go?

?A question for bloggers or others who would know: If you like me publish most of your images in your blog by using the upload button in the blogger interface - in other words not using a separate tool - then where do all the images go? Well, I'm not really interested in the technological aspect I just want to know if I can find them. If I haven't named them for instance "Martin Klasch number 985" etc, is there anyway of searching for them in Google?

The monkeybunny image to the right that I originally called "A1" was given the name "http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_m0YtPN5vgmI/R-pzeuG7EeI/AAAAAAAAC2w/... ...QdFIQgP3nAw/s1600-h/A1.jpg" by Blogger. So I guess that is where it is. But is this blog identified there in anyway? If it is it should be possible to find the rest of the images. Shouldn't it?



mrdantefontana said...

A very good question. Hope you'll get an answer - 'cause I for one have no idea. I bet there is a tool or application for this out there!

fisk said...

Where do the images go?

A: Most likely, they are uploaded/copied to the webserver that hosts your blogspot.

Is this blog identified in an image's name?

A: The new name that your images are given may have a tag or reference to your specific web page that is recognizable by blogger's systems or personel, but it's difficult for me to be sure. sorry.

Can you find where the rest of your images are saved?

A: You would need some kind of FTP or administrator access in order to view the directory where your images are kept. They might all be in the same directory, (it is best that way) but this is not a requirement for your blog to function properly.

ILuvNUFC said...

I know that Google's Picasa keeps a record of what you upload to Blogger but I don't know if you can go back in time. Try it out you never know.
Let me know if it does give you access to all you've uploaded in the past.

Arthur Ignatowski said...

All the images that you upload go straight to Picasa as iluvnufc mentioned. If you go to Picasa and log in with your google account you should be able to see all the images you have uploaded to your blog. This is where you manage your storage space as well.

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks for your input guys! I'll surely investigate the Picasa lead further! Thanks again :D!

modmom said...

good! now i know they're in picasa.
great! do you also have the problems of images disappearing from your posts? sometimes like today, i look at my blog + the image has disappeared, so i upload it again + usually it stays the 2nd time uploaded. this started to happen when i switched from old blogger to new blogger

omg you have an 8 letter word verification. i turned mine off a year ago + only get a couple spams a year. try turning yours off :)

P-E Fronning said...

Images disappearing - after publishing? no, that hasn't happened but if you mean while making and editing the post - yes, often when I'm backspacing for instance.

Sorry about the w v... I tried without it for a while but too much spam to turn me off so I turned it on again. But you're right, it's horrible and I would get much more comments...

thombeau said...

You should be able to find all the images you posted in your Picasa account...It took me forever to figure that out!

P-E Fronning said...

Thanks Thombeau. We don't know a lot of things, do we ;)