Blogger: Where do all the images go? Part 2

A couple of months ago I put out a question to the readers of Martin Klasch and it is now time to follow up on that. The main question was:

"If you, like me, publish most of your images in your blog by using the upload button in the blogger interface - in other words not using a separate tool - then where do all the images go?"

So, I kind of wanted to know if my blog images were collected somewhere that I and others could find them. My kind readers mrdantefontana, fisk, iluvnufc, arthur ignatowski, modmom, thombeau were all kind enough to participate in the discussion.

Iluvnufc was the first one to mention Picasa Web Albums and sure enough the answer to my question was that...

"...all the photos you've uploaded since December (2006) will appear in an album there, and we're working on migrating your older photos as well. (It'll take a while though - there are a lot of them.)" - Blogger Buzz.

What do you know? There they are!! Thanks to my readers for solving this mystery. Hopefully someone else got their questions answered by this too.

Here is the link to my open image galleries by the way (Your galleries are otherwise closed by default), and below you'll find links to my three open galleries and also an embedded slide show of the Martin Klasch images.



mrdantefontana said...

Cool! Thanks for finding this.

P-E Fronning said...