July 31, 2008

Album Covers: Brazilian Style

Brazilian album cover art.
Find more at Sabadabada! This is actually sort of a repost from three years ago but I was inspired by this post at Grain Edit.


Magazine Covers: FON FON

Vintage Brazilian magazine cover
from Gatochy's Flickr (Gatochy's blog)

"Illustration by artist Gil Brandão.
Image kindly donated by Ciana Bodini of A Colecionista blog. Ilustração Portuguesa blog."


July 22, 2008

Blog: Vintage Poster

Vintage Poster


Vintage Comics: That's the Spirit - Part1

Who is The Spirit?

By the way, there's gonna be a lot of hoopla about The Spirit later this year on the count of the Frank Miller movie version hitting the theaters in December. (Trailer). I'm rather skeptical... OK, no more free advertisement from me about that, but maybe I'll post a few more The Spirit cover pages. The creator Will Eisner's designs of these are probably what I love most about the comic.

Visit Will Eisner.com.

One other thing. Movies has been based on comic book characters for a long long time and you've probably noticed that they produce more of those movies now than ever before. It is probably due to the movie industry's lack of "own" ideas and the fact that there is hardly no technical limitations left to what you can visualize on screen. And just think about all the merchandise you can sell if you make a hit. That's got to a be tempting prospect. Anyway here are a few interesting and related Wikipedia links:

-List of films based on English-language comics
-List of comics based on films
-Superhero film
-List of films based on DC Comics
-List of films based on Marvel Comics


Vintage Design: Strip Poker

Deadlicious has more.


July 20, 2008

Quiz: Who are these people??

Joe Reynolds .... Mike Riggins .... Ryder .... Xander Ronson .... Brixos .... Nikolai Cherenko .... Lance Rockford .... John Foster .... Randy .... Frank Gannon .... Sam Decker .... Jason Price .... Matt Hendricks .... Nick Preston .... Matt Sorenson .... Major Jack Holloway .... Warchild .... Christian Erickson .... Lukas Sadorov .... Jack Devlin .... Major Frank Cross .... Waxman .... Michael Dane .... Street Preacher .... Nick Gunar .... Eric Brogar .... Wellman Anthony Santee .... Andrew Scott .... Sgt. Chris Kenner .... Mike Anderson .... Jack Caine .... Frank Castle .... Lt. Nikolai Rachenko .... Venz



Mr Josephzohn
won! They are all Dolph characters. When I saw the list of the roll names in IMDb I just thought them really funny. They are - except from a few like the Russian ones - so very pulp fiction hero-esque... Lance Rockford, Sam Decker and Jack Caine. But of course his movies are the exact equivalence to pulp fiction books. I admit that I left out He-Man and Captain Ivan Drago. I thought it might make it too easy. Mr J's prize, which he must share with all of you, is this photo of Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher - Frank Castle, hero-cop. Enjoy!

Action Hero Name Generator

Tough-Man Name Generator


Vintage Food: Party Ideas!

Make sure your party is a success - get your extra special party ideas and learn how to make American 50s kyaraben bento with Betty Crocker's Cookbook for boys & girls (1957). Find the book at Internet Archive.


Children's books: The Peter Pan Alphabet


C is the Crocodile Creepy who ate
The right hand of Hook and covets
its mate
He makes a loud ticking wherever he
For he swallowed a Clock (To kill time
I suppose)

From Oliver Herford's The Peter Pan Alphabet (1907) based on J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan. The entire book can found at Internet Archive.


July 19, 2008

Book illustrations: El Profesor goes español

"This 1965 edition of the Berlitz beginning Spanish textbook bears illustrations featuring the cartoon 'mascot' of Professor Berlitz..."

Adventures in language instruction with Professor Berlitz (1965 textbook illustrations)
at I'm Learning To Share!


July 18, 2008

Book Covers: Couvertures policiers

Couvertures policiers
at Agence Eureka

...and more...


Illustration: Alan Aldridge

"Alan Aldridge is a UK artist, born in 1943. During the 1960s and 1970s he was responsible for a great many album covers, and helped create the graphic style of that era. He designed a series of science fiction book covers for Penguin Books."/"His work was characterised by a flowing, cartoony style and soft airbrushing - very much in step with the psychedelic styles of the times." (Wikipedia)

Official site.

Connecting this post with the previous one on Heinz Edelmann here is a quote from Bob Neaverson's The Beatles Movies on the subject of Yellow Submarine: "Formally, the film is rooted in a range of sixties pop styles, and the eclecticism of its colour imagery (designed largely by German poster artist Heinz Edelmann) is derived from a vast range of popular contemporary approaches, including imagery culled from the pop art paintings, prints and designs of artists such as Peter Blake and Andy Warhol, the ‘op’ art of Bridget Riley, surrealist and expressionist art, the psychedelic graphics of British and American underground poster designers such as Martin Sharp and Rick Griffin, and the work of popular illustrators such as Alan Aldridge, who was apparently initially involved with creating some of the draft drawings for the animation."

Left. Alan Aldridge's The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics at Prof. Michael Stoll's Flickr.

Below. Book covers by Alan Aldridge from mjkghk's Flickr. Click here for more.

Illustration: Heinz Edelmann

"Heinz Edelmann is a German illustrator and designer. He was born in 1934 in Czechoslovakia He is a well-known illustrator in Europe, but is probably most famous for his art direction and character designs for the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine." (Wikipedia)

Some more Edelmann creatures here.


July 11, 2008

Vintage Ads: Slack Power

Slack Power
Uploaded to LiveJournal - Vintage Ads
by nonsense_at_all

UPDATE: More vintage slacks, pants and jeans at Farbror Sid's.


Cartoons: Animation Backgrounds

Animation Backgrounds

Via This isn't happiness


Art: Totoro Forest Project

"Peeping Totoro" by Bill Presing

"Totoro Forest Project is an international charity effort to preserve Sayama Forest, also known as Totoro Forest. This endangered sanctuary on the outskirts of Tokyo is where director Hayao Miyazaki got the inspiration for his much loved character “Totoro". Over 200 top international artists from animation, illustration, and comics are donating artwork especially created for this cause."

- Drawn!


Vintage Ads: Storybook Styles...

Storybook Styles and the Enlightened Art Director
at Today's Inspiration

See Leif Peng's Ads with Storybook Styles Flickr set for many more examples.


Children's Books: "Let Us Take the New Rifles"

This edition
of Vladimir Mayakovsky's (1893-1930) poem "Возьмем винтовки новые" ("Let Us Take the New Rifles") was published in 1982. The fact that it clearly states that it is meant for pre-school kids along with the militaristic content makes it both fascinating and horrifying. On the other hand, the outer qualities of the illustrations by Veniamin Losin can hardly be denied.

See all the pages here:
«Маяковский "Возьмем винтовки новые"» uploaded by Sidr1977

...or here at LiveJournal - KidPix.

If anyone has a translation of the poem, information about the illustrator or other comments. Please, don't be a stranger.


July 10, 2008

Illustration: Cyril K. Bird (Fougasse)

Cyril K. Bird (Fougasse)

Via Coisas do arco da velha


Paranormal: "Silverpilen"

Swedish subway train, C5 model, "Silverpilen".
Photo by: Michael "Bussmicke" Nilsson

("The Silver Arrow") is a ghost subway train that haunts the Stockholm Metro, according to an urban legend circulating in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The train is usually referred to as being composed of silver model C5 cars. Only one such train, composed of eight cars, was built; it was manufactured in the mid-1960s as a test and taken out of service years ago and replaced by more modern cars." ...more - Wikipedia

This post is dedicated to MrJ who is being haunted by ghost trains.

July 9, 2008

Book Covers: Jules Verne

The Adventures of Captain Hatteras (Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras, 1866) by Jules Verne as published by Hetzel in the book series Voyages Extraordinaires ("Extraordinary Journeys").

A few more.

Other beautiful Jules Verne editions - in English.

Vintage illustrations from Jules Verne books.

The maps from the Voyages Extraordinaires.

If anyone knows of an extensive collection of Jules Verne book covers - Hetzel edition or other - scanned in a decent size, please let me know.


Flickr: "The Periscope of Jules Verne"

Uploaded to Flickr by magic fly paula.

"Jules Verne had a special way of seeing reality, he saw further than others. His world has one special meaning to me, his books makes me dream." - magic fly paula


Illustration: Gerhard Munthe

Odin on his horse Sleipnier. His ravens, Huginn and Muninn, at his side.

Gerhard Munthe



Illustration: Halfdan Egedius

"Seidemennene paa Skrattskjaer" - Olav Tryggvasons saga in Heimskringla

Halfdan Egedius

(1877 – 1899) !!


Zoology: Baby elephant

Photographed and uploaded by kjdrill.

"Baby elephant Impunga sits up on his big brother Vus'musi, they are best friends."


Poster Art: Tadanori Yokoo

Roger Corman's The Trip, 1967

Tadanori Yokoo

More by Tadanori Yokoo


Funny: They Didn't Study

They didn't study

No they didn't. Funny or/and disturbing.


July 8, 2008

Vintage Tobacco: Adamas Cigarettes

"The most famous, and much coveted, Danish billboard is the Adamas Cigarettes billboard from 1928 made by Johs. Thejll of Copenhagen for American Tobacco Company. It was drawn by the Danish advertising illustrator Aage Lippert." says Danish billboard collector Søren Christensen at his site Emaljskilte. (Enamel porcelain coated signs)

You will find a couple of signs on this page and one here and here . Evidently the Adamas character that was created became such a success that they published books about him. However, according to Christensen, the cigarette brand never became a big hit and it seized to exist in 1942.