Fun & Games: Jeu de massacre

Wanna play?
See more at Agence Eureka.


Cartoon: 50s TV Commercials

Cartoon still from a 50s Oldsmobile TV commercial.
More UPA stills at Cartoon Brew.


Cartoon: Color Keys

Cartoon color keys by color stylist Jules Engel.


Typography: Alphabet Truck

Alphabet Truck
Via Bibi Bueno on Mento

Vintage Magazine: Teen In

"Teen In 1968 - a weird sort of a rock magazine and comic that featured characters that were of that generic Archie clone look. US manga, huh? But overall intended for chicks. That's right I said it - I said "Chicks". Chicks chicks chicks." - see more, read more at GlyphJockey.


Illustration: Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Inks
Via This isn't happiness



Book Covers: Tid och rum

Tid och rum (Time and Space) is just a Swedish book that I found and liked the look of. It's a historic atlas. The edition (third) that I have is printed in 1969 but it wouldn't surprise me if the cover design was slightly older.


Music Video: The Walker Brothers at Millesgården

The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore.

The song and the group is great and the sound is OK but the video quality is pretty poor but I wanted to show it because it is shot over here - or rather at the Millesgården sculpture park on Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden. The year was 1966.

If you liked the music and if you didn't know it before you should check out Scott Walker.


Swedish Actresses: Janet Agren

1966-67 just before her movie career began. Photo: Anders Hilding

Janet Agren

(Janet Ågren)
"(born 6 April 1949 in Landskrona) is a Swedish actress of mostly Italian exploitation films. Her modeling career brought her to Italy where she started to appear in films, such as Umberto Lenzi's Mangiati Vivi (1980) and Richard Fleischer's Red Sonja (1985). She quit acting in the early 1990s and moved to the US where she currently resides."
- Wikipedia

- 57 movies on IMDb
- Borstahustjejen som blev filmstjärna i Italien

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Design: Record Factory Sleeves - part 2

Record Envelope - the little library of factory sleeves
It's time to revisit. (Last visit)

I was reminded about this blog by coisas do arco da velha


Vintage Postcards: Dogs



Vintage Ads: Win a Miniatue Dog!




Vintage Ads: NBC

click image to enlarge

One out of three nice ones
posted by Hagenn at LiveJournal - Vintage Ads

Blog: Martin Klasch wins the Arte y Pico award!

I received a mail today.
The in crowd of I'm Learning To Share! wrote:

"I've passed along an 'Arte Y Pico' Award to you for the wonder that is Martin Klasch."

An award?! Me?! Wow, how cool. I don't think I've ever gotten an award before. So I rushed over to I'm Learning To Share! to check if it was just a cruel joke or what. But it was all true! There it was - a shining trophy and the one-man jury's reasons for honoring me with this award:

"Image! Color! Line! Design! Art! Inspiration! P-E Fronning's crisply visual blog sends sparks through my retinas and fires the imagination. An ongoing eclectic gallery of stuff that has COOL in common."

Wow... again. If there is any truth in those words - and I'm not suggesting otherwise - I'm just happy and slightly embarrassed. To know that what you do is appreciated is always a good feeling and it inspires you to continue. Creating a blog can be a pretty lonely business. It is perhaps especially true for these kinds of blogs where the visual experience is in focus that feed-back is scarce. Many of your readers are bloggers themselves and on a never-ending hunt for blog-worthy stuff. Often you feel there's no time to stop, reflect and comment. At least that's how I feel. Unfortunately. With this in mind I'd say that this kind of recognition is valuable. Thank you, the in crowd!

This award is, as you will see below, sort of a meme/chain letter construction created by the Arte y Pico blog. Generally I don't participate in memes mostly because they are too personal for me and they'd claim too much of my time, but an award that gives you a good opportunity to recommend and praise other blogs is a very nice thing. And if you're wondering about the meaning of "Arte y Pico" it is said to be:

"...basically, ironically, it translates into a wonderful phrase in Mexico, 'the maximum.' "It will never find its exact counterpart in English, but if it HAD to, it would be something like "Wow. The Best Art. Over the top."

Here are the rules for the Arte Y Pico Award:

1) You must choose up to 5 blogs that you consider to be deserving of this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and for their contribution to the blogging community.
2) Each award granted must include the name of the awarded blog's author and provide a link to his/her blog so it may be visited by all.
3) Each award winner must exhibit the award, and provide the name of the person who presented her/him with the award, along with a link to that person's blog.
4) Both the award winner and the one who has given the award must show a link to the “Arte y Pico” blog so that everyone will know it's origin.
5) You must also show these rules.

OK. Picking five bloggers is, to say the least, a tough chore.

First of all I'm deciding not to award any previous laureates and this leaves out I'm Learning To Share! and his other picks - Bedazzled!, Dark Roasted Blend, If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats and Fabulon. The first three could possibly have ended up on my list and the fourth one is a interesting new acquaintance.

Second there are a few blogs that I won't award for reasons that I want to have said. PCL LinkDump - I'm honored to be a contributor to this blog and even if Sebastian/Mr Dante Fontana is the great creator and the kingpin of the blog it feels just a little bit strange to award it. I know someone else will do that very soon (if they haven't already). Josephzohn gås blogger is another blog that I could have awarded. He is an artist building mostly scaled models of Swedish outhouses and he is blogging lots of nice stuff (in Swedish) but too much sport especially bandy to be awarded ;)

Please check my blogroll for all the others who just as well could have made the cut!

The pick (alphabetically):

Agence eureka - Pita ou franck is a Frenchwoman who has been scanning her seemingly enormous amount of French vintage magazines and books for years with an impressive diligence. Her material is mainly from the 30s to the 50s and it is full of great illustrations and games for children, movie stars etc. Some might prefer the Eureka Annexe. Pita, you are Magnifique!

BibliOdyssey - Paul or "peacay" is the Sydney-based curator of his blog of "wonderful things made by other people". As one might suspect it is a journey into the world of books. It is also a fantastic journey in time and one of intriguing visual experiences. Get a ticket and get on board!

Datajunkie - The hardest working blogger focusing on comic books that I know of is Hyperdave. His collection of vintage comic books and books in the genres sci-fi, fantasy, horror, crime, superheros must be simply huge, and he's scanning it for me and you. Very rare and very cool stuff! Hyperdave IS the Comic Book Guy!

Deadlicious - "Handmade rock'n'roll patisseries to die for" by the Luchadores of blog: King Santo, BigG, Filo Loco, Jimmy Pantera. "It's a strange and funny mixture that we want to share with you. It's what we are, real and rock'n'roll ! " You DO rock, guys!

This Isn't Happiness - But it is! It is pure happiness. Peteski has a infallible and unique eye for visual cool- and goodness and he creates his blog without a single superfluous word. Check out his other ultra cool X818 productions. I know nothing else about Peteski but there are quite clearly a chance he is a brilliant web designer/designer.

Related post from June 2007: Fact: I hate memes ;)

Ephemera: Lambretta

Lambretta... Scooter 1970.

ScooterSquad... Lambretta.

at Farbror Sid's

Ephemera: Hagstrom

1971-72, Canadian singer/guitarist Kathy Robertson

Hagstrom Guitars Catalogues


Vintage Technology: Underwater Gallery

Click image to enlarge

Underwater Gallery for Aquarium from Modern Mechanix

Say what?!
"Alexander the Great"?!
"in a submarine observatory"?!
Say what?

Vintage submarine links: one, two, three, four.


Poster Art: Zeppelin v Pterodactyls

This is supposed to be a movie poster for a film that was never made. What a pity(?)
I realize that many have already seen this but if I missed it so may you...

Article: The movie that time forgot
More at Internet Archive

Poster Art: Hammer Film
Stamps: Hammer horror and Carry On


Transportation: Airship Dreams of Today and Yesterday

Aerial Landing Field from Modern Mechanix

Airship Dreams

Transportation: Yesterday's Airports of Today
Retro-Future: Means of transportation


Ephemera: Hotel Door Hangers

"hotel door hangers collected by my grandfather"
at Michael Lebowitz - Big Spaceship

Via Grain Edit



Ephemera: Mecano Boy

"I am not entirely sure what these are. A friend bought them in a street market in France. I can't decide whether they are clothing labels or badges to be sewn on. I suspect labels ... "

Mecano Boy from a set - Ephemera - on Flickr by


Graphic Design: Meccano

Lucy Vigrass



Ephemera: Berlin Olympics 1936

As you all know Berlin hosted the Olympics in 1936. This image shows some of the programs, brochures, tickets etc which the Swedish couple Algot and Amanda Gunnarsson brought home with them after visiting Berlin during the games.

In the National Archives and the regional state archives of Sweden

Vintage beverage: Zingo

Zingo 70s style. Image was found here.

"Zingo is a Swedish soft drink. Zingo was introduced during the 1950s as Ingo-dricka ("Ingo drink"), named after the boxer Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson. After Ingo lost the world championship in heavy weight boxing the drink was renamed Zingo in 1962." - From Wikipedia

A few more images here!


Found here via Gåsmannen!!

Cuba Cola
Dr dr Zeno loves Zingo.